Board of Directors

  • PRM is governed by a voluntary board of directors.


  • The board members are representative of the shelter and rehab center to the local government (Parish Council), churches, community service organizations of the community and Nation and liaise with businesses and business leaders.


  • The varying skills of the professions represented in the board serve to enhance the judicial, legislative and financial operations of the shelter and rehab facility.


  • All board members are asked to seek or provide financial support directly or indirectly to the shelter by fundraising activities, grant writing and personal outreach especially to cover the fixed operating expenses of the shelter such as salaries for the staff.

Dr. Paul S. Rhodes, M.D.

Co-founder of PRM, Paul S Rhodes M.D. serves, as the Chairman and Medical Director of PRM. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at George Washington and Howard University medical colleges and provides medical house calls to under-served elders in the Washington DC. He is the designer and proprietor of Great Huts Resort Port Antonio which houses shelter volunteers. Great Huts sponsors a number of educational events on history, art and culture.

Rev. Delroy Farr

Rev. Delroy Farr represents the East Portland Ministers Fraternal. His ministry supports the shelter through donations and volunteer work. He works closely with the Red Cross, Portland Parish Council, Portland Poor Relief, and the local churches. He has always been an advocate of the poor and continues to advocate for the PRM Homeless Shelter.

Janene Laing, Attorney

Janene has wide experience in the private and public sector including working with a Fortune 500 Company, and advising government officials including the Premier of Nevis. She also practices corporate and commercial law across jurisdictions in the Caribbean, US and the Latin American region. She has developed a website for contracting legal documents and services online. She is keen in giving back to the community and considers the PRM as an excellent medium to do so.

Zach Wagner, Nurse

Zach is a volunteer and nurse from the United States. He also holds a degree in community health, and works in public health. He serves on the Board of Directors for the shelter as the treasurer, developer of the website, and volunteer coordinator. While at the shelter, he finds great joy providing care and support to the residents at the shelter, and the people in the community. He enjoys working closely with the local community to reduce homelessness.

Mrs. Dixon

Mrs. Dixon helped found the PRM Homeless Shelter. She lives in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and she works tirelessly to serve the poor and homeless. She helps lead the Portland Poor Relief, and she owns a local vegetarian restaurant in Port Antonio.

Beth Drouhard

Beth is a volunteer with the PRM Homeless Shelter from the United States and is currently serving as the Secretary for the Board of Directors. She has volunteered all over the world  and has also served in the Peace Corps. Her heart continues to bring her back to Portland, Jamaica. She is passionate about serving the local communities in Jamaica and she continues to come back over and over.

Camille Tucker, Attorney

Camille is an attorney and founded the Law Offices of Camille Tucker. She is passionate about serving the homeless and the people of Jamaica and her knowledge and expertise in law is invaluable to the PRM Homeless Shelter. She continues to assist and lead law matters for PRM.

Samantha Clement, Medical Student

Samantha is a volunteer from the United States, and she is passionate about PRM Homeless Shelter’s mission to provide hope and healing to Jamaica’s homeless. Samantha is currently pursuing her Medical Degree with the University of Washington, and she also holds a Master of Public Health degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Currently serving as the Volunteer Coordinator, she thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and bringing wonderful talent to the shelter. She is continually drawn back to PRM’s warm and welcoming family environment, which welcomes people from all walks of life and gives them a fresh start for a new tomorrow.

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