Adopt a Resident

We believe in community and our residents need your support to help them get back on their feet. Our residents and patients enjoy knowing the people who support them.


If you are interested in adopting a resident and forming a relationship with them, they would be greatly appreciative. You will be able to visit the resident and maintain a pen pal or phone relationship with them (if you choose). We ask that you cover their expenses for one year, which is $2,500 USD. This amount covers all housing, food, medical, and rehabilitative services.


Donors who donate $2,500 USD receive a FREE weekend at Great Huts Eco-Resort which is located near the shelter. Any donation is greatly appreciated.


Sponsors may also donate to a full time staff member who earns only $56 USD a week. Your donation to a staff member helps defray their other costs such as living expenses, taxi to and from the shelter, and meals. This donation often goes to support their family as well as they are often the only ones employed.


Our residents also need sponsorship to facilitate their process back into Jamaican society. Below are some current needs:

  • Vocational school fees for residents (prices vary depending on the school and program, but $300-$500 USD is common).
  • Client housing, many clients want to build one room houses but need assistance in buying building materials.
  • Mental health counseling and services for residents.


If you decide to sponsor a resident or staff member, please donate through our website and send us an email or call us and we will match you with a resident based on who you would like to sponsor (male, female, young, old, current needs, etc).



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