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Our Shelter Covers Half the Island of Jamaica

Portland Rehab Management Homeless Shelter  is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) providing food, shelter, medicine, and rehabilitative services to the homeless of Jamaica.  Our objectives include rehabilitating clients to better health and less dependence with the goal of returning them to their families and community, providing an environment that encourages better self-care and healthier lifestyles, living together more peacefully and learning cooperative social skills.


We are currently the only homeless shelter on the Eastern part of the island, and our reach covers more than half of the island. We serve the people who have been socially displaced often due to many of the following factors:

  • Mental Health Issues (mostly schizophrenia and bipolar disorder)
  • Physically Debilitating Condition
  • Drug Use Disorder
  • Displacement resulting from ex-offender or deportee status or circumstance
  • Abuse or Exploitation
Meeting at PRM Homeless Shelter

Meetings at the homeless shelter

The view from the homeless shelter.

The view from the homeless shelter




We are a Non-Governmental Organization

We are an NGO charged by the Portland Parish Council in Jamaica to develop and fund and administer a rehabilitation program for the homeless persons of Jamaica. Our mission is to administer, within the limits of its human and financial resources, rehabilitative day care based upon compassion, spirituality, and health care, and to provide clean and comfortable temporary shelter for men and women. We strive to provide hope and healing to homeless people of Portland, Jamaica.

Here is an essay from the Medical Director, Dr. Paul Rhodes, about the importance of the shelter which was founded in 2008: On the Streets 

IMG_20150521_113827[1] Weekly Meeting

Male dormitory at the homeless shelter in Jamaica

Male dormitory at the homeless shelter in Jamaica

Women’s dormitory at the homeless shelter

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